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Materials & Products

We offer a range of products and materials at New Image Kitchens. Each are of the highest quality and have a wide selection of colours and finishes to suit any kitchen or area of your home or office.

Read on below to learn more about our products.


Benchtops come in several types of finishes and products. Below are our most popular.


Stone provides exceptional durability, moisture and heat resistance suitable for bench top and splashback applications.

Brands include Smartstone, Caesarstone, Essastone and Quantum Quartz. These man made engineered stone type materials come in a more limited colour range than the laminates ranges on offer.

Solid timber tops are available in large range of timber species, construction by a glue lamination technique and feature individual natural colour and grain variations.


This natural product can be finished in  polyurethane to provide a soft satin look, or in an oil type product depending on personal taste and application.


We manufacture our laminate benchtops on site, with rolled edge and 10 x 10 radius, or square. 

The colour palettes of Polytec, Laminex and Formica provide the designer with a Laminate colour choice from basic solid colours to patterns and wood grain in a variety of finishes, from matt, woodmatt, textures and diamond gloss.

Our showroom displays include the colour palettes of Polytec, Formica, and Laminex.


At Shoalhaven New Image Kitchens, our showroom displays include a large range of display doors, in popular colours and textures,, matt and sheen finishes. Our display at New Image Kitchens showrooms shows samples of Laminex, Polytec and Formica, our melamine suppliers. 

Our polyurethane cabinetry comes in a high gloss polished finish or a silky satin finish. All of our polyurethane doors and panels are created and finished in our South Nowra factory, from cutting and routing the profiles to spray painting in the colour of your choice and finally buffing and polishing to the shine you prefer.


We're Itchin' to do Your Kitchen!
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